Grade Forgiveness

Effective autumn semester 2015, Ohio State will replace its Freshman Forgiveness Rule (FFR) with a more general Grade Forgiveness Rule (GFR). The new rule permits students to petition to repeat up to three courses under an arrangement similar to that provided by Freshman Forgiveness: the grade in the repeated course will replace the grade for the original course in the calculation of the student's cumulative point-hour ratio. (Note: Only a first repeat can be used this way.) As under Freshman Forgiveness, a notation of the original grade will remain on the student's transcript. Unlike the Freshman Forgiveness Rule, use of the new rule is not limited to

  • courses in which the student has earned a grade of "E" or "D,"
  • a course first taken while a freshman, and
  • a course retaken during the freshman or sophomore years.

For undergraduate students continuing at Ohio State, autumn semester will involve a transition from the old rule to the new.

  • If you are currently enrolled in a course you would have been eligible to repeat under Freshman Forgiveness, we will assume-this autumn semester only-that you want to forgive the original grade. You do not need to petition to apply forgiveness to the course. Notify your advisor only if you do not want to apply forgiveness in such a case.
  • Some of you will now be eligible to use the new rule in repeating a course you would not have been able to repeat under the provisions of Freshman Forgiveness, and you may want to consult with your advisor during the fall, to begin planning when (or whether it seems advisable) to repeat the course in a future term.
  • If 1) you are enrolled (or yet manage to enroll) in a course that, before this autumn, you could only have repeated under the general repeatability rule (in which both grades are counted in the GPA and, in effect, averaged); and 2) you have not previously repeated the course; and 3) you have not already forgiven three (or more) courses; and 4) you wish to take advantage of forgiveness under the new rule-consult with your advisor to fill out a "Petition to Use the Grade Forgiveness Rule."

To read some FAQ's about the new Grade Forgiveness Rule.

It should also be noted there is another repeatability rule at Ohio State. There are no specified limits to how many times the rule may be applied or when you can use the rule. Both grades appear on your record, so, essentially, are averaged into your GPA. Duplicate credit for courses repeated under this rule will not be counted toward the hours required for your degree.