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What does an academic advisor do?

Academic Advisor

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Frequent reasons why your assigned advisor might refer you to another advisor:

  • If you are planning to add an additional major (or changing your major) located in another college.

  • If you are planning to add a minor. Your assigned advisor may not be able to "just add a minor" to your record. Minors are developed and maintained across the university and often require official permission from those people across campus to declare. Search a list of available minors; if you do not see the one you are interested in listed, contact your assigned advisor.

  • If you are interested in a Study Abroad experience. Some college advisors can advise you on programs their college/school offers, but many will likely direct you to the official study abroad office serving students across campus.

  • If you are seeking an internship or are ready to begin your job search.Your assigned advisor may give you career-related information, but may also refer you to a career-advisor either within your college or to another office depending on what questions you have.

  • If you are interested in a pre-professional program, like Law, Medicine, or Education, your assigned advisor may be able to advise on your pre-professional interest, but may also refer you to another advisor for additional information (scroll to bottom of the page).