Course Planning

The following recommendations will keep a student on track for on-time degree completion. For more information about academic progress.

  • Maintain an average course load of 15 to 18 credits each semester.
    • Do the math - if your major requires 121 hours, and considering the 1 credit hour University Survey course required of everyone, 15 hours per semester is the minimum required credit hour load to account for the remaining 120 hours!
  • Meet regularly with your academic advisor.
  • Select a major early, and stick with it.
  • Consult your DARS audit report often, but discuss it with your advisor to assure accuracy.
  • Make certain that prerequisites are satisfied when necessary.
  • Be sure that your choices for satisfying the General Education course requirements align with your major.
    • Note that the requirements vary across degrees - choices for one degree may not apply for a different degree.
  • Pass every course, and avoid unnecessarily repeating courses.
  • Work or extracurricular activities can potentially interfere with academic progress. Plan your work schedules carefully.
  • Seek help if you run into any hurdles or problems.
  • It may be necessary to enroll in May or summer sessions to catch up, stay on track, or get ahead.