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Academic Misconduct and Plagarism Videos

Downloading someone else's paper from the internet and submitting it as your own is only an example of ONE type of academic misconduct. Students often do not realize the videos located on the link below to learn more....

Faculty Rule - 3335-8-21 Marks

Ohio State does not offer the grades of A+ and D-. You earn no credit or points for an E or an EN, but the hours attempted are calculated into your grade-point average. (An EN grade indicates that, at some point during the term, you stopped attending the class. For this reason, it is not a wise idea to "just stop attending a course" without notifying your advisor — who can advise you on appropriate action. See drop deadlines.

After reading the faculty rule, take some time to review important commentary about certain marks:

Credit by Examination (EM)

A student may earn course credit by achieving qualifying scores on Advanced Placement Program examinations approved for EM credit. You can also earn course credit by examinations offered through the Office of Testing (090 Pressey Hall) or through the academic department offering a particular course. Students may also arrange with departments and faculty members to test for credit in courses that are not listed in the EM brochure, if the department thinks it appropriate. The department that offers the credit determines the cutoff score you will need to reach to earn credit for a course (simply passing an exam is not sufficient), so make sure you understand, going into the exam, the minimum score you will need.

See the Credit by Examination(EM) brochure, for detailed information and how to register.


If illness or an extenuating emergency prevents you from finishing a course, you may request an "Incomplete" from the instructor. When you receive this grade, you must consult with the instructor as soon as possible to make arrangements for completing the course requirements. Incomplete work must be completed no later than the sixth week of the following term, sooner, if the instructor will need it sooner. If the work is not made up by the due date, the "I" mark will be changed to the alternate grade the instructor reported.

Pass (P)/Non-Pass (NP) option

  • You may take a maximum of 20 credit hours of electives on a pass/non-pass (PA/NP) basis.
  • You cannot take general education, major, minor, or prerequisite courses pass/non-pass.
  • You must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA to use the pass/non-pass option.
  • Students who receive a grade of NEN typically stopped attending a course graded P/NP.
  • This option must be officially entered into the system by 5:00 pm on the fourth Friday for a regular semester (second Friday for a session and first Friday in a May Session), so please DO NOT wait until the last minute to submit this to the advising office.

Auditing a Course (R)

You may choose to audit a course in order to refresh your understanding of the material or to learn more about a subject without earning a letter grade. Fees are assessed for auditing a course, but no credit hours are awarded. Auditing a course requires the permission of the instructor and the permission of your college office, the latter obtained through your academic advisor. Your college office should have the form or you can download it online. If you are using financial aid, the hours for a course you are auditing DO NOT count toward financial aid course-load requirements.

  • A student may only repeat an audited course for a grade if they receive appropriate permission.

Satisfactory (S)/Unsatisfactory (U)

This is a grading basis, determined by that department, not a grading option: students cannot elect to take a course for a grade of S/U, rather than for a letter grade, as they can with Pass/Non-Pass. Students who receive a grade of UEN typically stopped attending a course graded S/U.

Withdrew (W)

Technically, a W is seen as a grade by the Student Information System (SIS). If you are planning on dropping a course pay particular attention to the date; there are deadlines to drop courses WITHOUT getting a W on your record. Having too many Ws on your record will affect your financial aid satisfactory academic progress (SAP,) and graduate programs might consider the number of W's in their admissions decision.