Financial Aid and the Exit Interview

Have you done your Financial Aid Exit Interview?

  • If you are receiving direct loans (subsidized or unsubsidized), please remember to complete your exit interview. You will need the PIN number used to complete your FAFSA to enter the exit interview web site. This must be done prior to commencement; you will not receive a diploma at commencement if this has not been completed. Visit this web site for more details and instructions on how to log in.

When will my financial aid be cancelled?

  • After you have applied to graduate, your expected graduation term is indicated on your student record. It is important to know that any financial aid for a term beyond your expected graduation term will be cancelled.

Can I still receive financial aid after I graduate should I decide to continue taking courses, but not pursue a second degree?

  • You will most likely NOT be eligible to receive financial aid. There is a petition process, however, for students taking prerequisites for a professional/graduation program, for example. The Student Financial Aid web site provides extensive information on financial aid eligibility for students enrolled in Extended Education.
  • Contact the Buckeye Link if you have questions and/or concerns.

For financial aid questions, contact the Buckeye Link.