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Yes! You need to apply to graduate

Before you apply to graduate:

  1. Know your college's application deadline and process. Some colleges require you to apply one or more terms in advance. Some colleges require an appointment, while for others it is acceptable to drop the application off at a reception services area or complete it online. Check your college's deadlines and processes for applying to graduate.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: if you are pursuing degrees in DIFFERENT colleges (College of Arts and Sciences and Fisher College of Business, for example), you need to apply for graduation in BOTH colleges.
  2. Talk with your advisor(s) to verify that your degree requirements are complete. Print your degree audit and review to make sure you have NO RED X's.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Honors students in the College of Arts and Sciences DO NOT use a degree audit to verify completion of graduation requirements.
  3. Take care of any HOLDS on your record. Holds can range from an overdue book, or a parking ticket, to not completing your financial aid exit interview. A hold may prevent you from receiving your diploma. It is important to make sure all holds are clear. Contact the Buckeye Link for questions.

  4. Have you completed your financial aid exit interview? If not, you can complete the interview before you meet with an advisor. The sooner your complete this the better your chances of not having a hold on your record. For more information.

  5. Are you going to take ANY courses at another institution the term you plan on graduating? If so, it is important to plan very early. Talk with your advisor about this process.

    • IMPORTANT NOTE: some colleges DO NOT allow you to take courses at another institution during the term you plan on graduating. Make sure you ask your advisor about this if this is what you are planning to do.
  6. You cannot add a minor (or a second major) to a degree you've already earned.

Do you plan on taking courses after you graduate, but not pursue a second degree? If so, it is important to know that you may not be eligible for financial aid. For more information....