Ohio State offers over 175 majors and hundreds of specializations - Search NOW!

  • Contact an advisor to learn more about a particular major or to officially declare.

  • Declaration of a major is required to earn a degree from Ohio State.

  • Meet with a University Exploration advisor if you are undecided or redeciding and need assistance.

Ohio State offers over 150 minors - Search NOW!

  • Declaring a minor is a great way to complement a major.

  • Some colleges require a minor for graduation; however, a minor is not an Ohio State degree requirement.

  • Some minors require you to earn specific grades for a course (or courses). Make sure you review requirements carefully.

  • Sometimes your advisor can declare a minor, while other [minors] require official department approval. Each minor listed here will give you instructions. Be sure to ask your academic advisor if the minor you choose is an approved minor for your degree program.

  • If you changed your major, you might consider using the course work in your previous major for a minor.

  • After you earn your degree, you cannot come back to add a minor, unless you are coming back to pursue a second degree.