Petition for reinstatement to the university - Students who have been academically dismissed from the university can petition for reinstatement. Reinstatement is not guaranteed, and simple desire to return is not sufficient support for a petition. Petitioning students need to prove (not merely assert) they are now ready to succeed if they are allowed to return to the university and resume course work. It is advisable to take academic course work at another institution during your time away from Ohio State, to demonstrate that you are capable of succeeding in high-quality college-level work. Students who have been dismissed from the university and have been away from the university for at least five years may want to petition to use Fresh Start.

  • What is Fresh Start? - If you have not been enrolled at the university for five or more years, you may petition to return under the provisions of the Fresh Start Rule. While all courses you have taken will remain on your permanent record, only courses in which you received a C- or higher will be counted for credit. Other course work will not be counted for credit, towards any requirement, or toward graduation. You will return to Ohio State with a recalculated cumulative GPA of 0.00. You must complete a minimum of two terms and 30 credit hours after using the Fresh Start Rule before you can be eligible to graduate. Keep in mind that if you are considering applying to graduate or professional schools, or even to other undergraduate programs at Ohio State, their admission processes may look at all of your grades and recalculate the original grade(s) into your total.

Filing a Reinstatement Petition

What is a reinstatement petition?

Each college will have its own formal process for submitting a petition, reaching a decision, and notifying the student. It is important that you consult with an advisor so that you understand the process as well as what is involved in preparing an effective petition. Under most circumstances, students cannot be reinstated into University Exploration. As part of their time away from Ohio State, students are encouraged to choose an attainable major of interest. Reinstatement petitions should be discussed with the college that offers the major you intend to pursue.

Before you meet with an advisor, it is very helpful if you can come prepared with the following documentation:

  • A statement based on the guidelines and/or questions presented to you by the college you are petitioning. You might consider asking for the e-mail address of the advisor you are scheduled to meet with, so you can inquire about this information.
  • Unofficial transcript from another university/college — if you took courses during your hiatus. Some colleges might want an official transcript; it is a good idea to ask before your appointment.
  • Any other supporting documentation you feel will help your case. For example, a letter from an instructor, medical professional, and/or employeer, etc.

See an academic advisor
, for help in selecting appropriate courses, if you are interested in attending another institution with the goal of returning to Ohio State.