Semesters - Overview

My Switch, a web side dedicated to the semester conversion, was retired two-years after the conversion. Below is information and/or resources you may find helpful in answering semester-related questions.

In planning and implementing its conversion from quarters to semesters for summer 2012, The Ohio State University committed to protect the academic progress of students. Please review our Semester Pledge to Undergraduate Students.

  • If you are a student who began Ohio State under the Quarter Calendar, stopped out, and plans on returning under the Semester Calendar, please contact the academic advisor who advises on the program you plan to complete.
  • The Quarter-to-Semester Course Conversion Guide is no longer available. If you took courses at Ohio State during the Quarter Calendar, please run your Degree Audit Report (after you have been updated to enroll) to learn how they converted to a semester course(s). If your Degree Audit does not answer your question(s), please contact your academic advisor.
  • Quarter Hours vs. Semester Hours - Ohio State's conversion to the semester calendar in summer 2012 required a recalculation of academic records from quarter hours to the semester equivalent. On April 15, the university started this recalculation, multiplying by .67 the cumulative credit hours each student has attempted and completed under the quarter system. The recalculation of cumulative statistics will not change a student's GPA and will have no impact on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for financial aid. Nor will it change a student's class rank, since the threshold numbers for class rank also changed proportionally under semesters (from 45, 90, and 135, to 30, 60, and 90). A summary of each student's recalculated statistics will be noted on any current Advising Report. It also will be noted on the official transcript of any student who started under the quarter system and has continued under the semester system.
  • The university's Semester Pledge to Undergraduate Students promises that the conversion to semesters will not disrupt the academic progress of students. A student who believes that his or her progress toward a degree has been disrupted by the switch should begin by speaking with his/her academic advisor, who may be able to resolve the matter, or may advise the student to pursue a petition. For more information about the semester appeal process.
  • Overview of the semester calendar system.
  • If you are looking for a specific college's semester web site you may either visit, OR contact Jennifer Belisle who will attempt to locate the web site you are looking for.