Take a Course Somewhere Else

  • Make sure that the college/university you are taking a course from has the proper accreditation. There are colleges/universities from which Ohio State will not accept transfer credit. Your advisor can help you with this.

  • Before registering for courses, make sure your advisor informs you of how they will transfer and whether they will fullfill your degree requirments. Ask your advisor to confirm in writing or in AdvisingConnect, the university shared notes system. Log in NOW to check your advising notes.

  • Start planning VERY early (two terms prior is best). Colleges/universities may have an application process that requires documentation from your academic advisor. Learn about the application process for the college/university you wish to attend before meeting with your advisor. It is also wise to note when classes start/end at the institution in which you wish to enroll; they may overlap with Ohio State's dates.

  • SAVE YOUR SYLLABI. If a course has not already been evaluated for transfer to Ohio State, departments will often require you to submit a syllabus they can use in making their evaluation.

  • Grades from another institution will not transfer to Ohio State and cannot be used to boost your Ohio State GPA, however, there are some colleges that will take the grade you earned into their admission consideration. If you are on an Ohio State sponsored study abroad experience your grades will transfer to Ohio State.

  • If you are taking the course you plan on transfering back to Ohio State in preparation for a competitive program (undergraduate or graduate), it is wise to ask how that competitive program would view your taking the course at another institution.

  • If you are using Transferology (transferology.com), you should make a copy of the web page indicating how a course may transfer to Ohio State for your records. You should always double-check information, found on Transferology, with your academic advisor, especially with the conversion to semesters as a complicating factor.

Image of a Graduation Cap

Taking a course the term you plan on graduating?

If yes, please carefully read the information below in order to faciliate a smooth course transfer.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: not all colleges permit students to take courses at another institution during the term they are planning to graduate. Ask your advisor.

  • Verify with your advisor that the course you are taking will complete a degree requirement.

  • Find out when the final exam is scheduled — it may conflict with graduation or even be scheduled AFTER Ohio State's commencement. You might need to request to take your final early. If you are unable to take the final early, talk with your advisor about how best to handle this situation.

  • Ask if the college where you are taking the course will automatically send a final transcript to Ohio State or if you need to request the transcript. Either way, you need to have a final transcript sent to Ohio State, to verify that you successfully completed the course and initiate its transfer, to fulfill your degree requirements. It might also be a good idea to ask your college of enrollment if they would prefer the official transcript to be sent directly to their office, instead of through the Ohio State Transfer Center.

  • It is wise to follow-up with the instructor to make sure he/she submits grades in time to meet Ohio State's grades deadline for commencement. If your college is not notified that you have successfully completed a degree requirement, they cannot certify you and you will not receive your diploma on the day of the commencement ceremony. If this happens, please know that you have until the second Friday of the following term to resolve issues and receive your diploma.

  • If you are taking courses at Columbus State Community College, there is an Early Grade Release form you need to complete and give to each instructor for courses you are taking. Download NOW and carefully read instructions.