Undergraduate academic advising at Ohio State (Columbus campus) is provided by the colleges and/or the departments that offer the programs—the degree(s), the major(s), the minor(s)—a student is pursuing. Where a student should go, therefore, to seek academic advice will vary by student and by academic program; Columbus campus does not have a central academic advising office for students to seek advice. Even within a single program, a student may have multiple advisors, and a student with multiple programs could have four or more advisors. This distribution of responsibilities ensures that a student receives advice from someone who knows a program well, rather than “generically,” knows the “ins and outs” of requirements and the particularities of courses. Advisors have a significant role in student-success and often serve as a single point of contact in helping students navigate the university.

Friendly Reminders

Read your Ohio State E-mail often!
Ohio State and your advisor will send you important updates; please do not discard any e-mail from Ohio State until you've checked the content.

Read your advising notes before and after each appointment!

Students are REQUIRED to complete a Financial Responsibility Statement prior to enrolling in courses each term.

Run Your Degree Audit EVERY TERM!

How NOT to get a hold on your account.

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Dates and Deadlines

  • Important Dates Find out when the last day to drop a course is without petitioning is, when fees are due, refund periods, and more....
  • Student Health Insurance Enrollment and waiver deadlines
  • Student Legal Fees Enrollment and waiver deadlines
  • The Ohio State University drops classes for students who still have outstanding balances on their accounts after the second Friday of classes. Outstanding balances can include current term tuition and fees, and any prior term balances. Pay your fees on time!