Withdraw from Ohio State/Taking a Leave of Absence

Stressing out because it is the last day to drop without a penalty and you cannot get in to meet with your advisor?

E-mail your advisor about your situation. Since the date on your e-mail will establish your intent to drop a class or withdraw from all classes before the deadline, your college may honor your request.

How do I withdraw (or take a leave of absence) from the university?

  • Before you withdraw from your course work (or decide not to enroll for the next term), you should consult with your academic advisor FIRST; he/she will talk with you about time-to-degree and other academic considerations.
  • FOR questions related to FEES and FINANCIAL AID as a result of withdrawing from classes or taking a leave of absence, please contact the Buckeye Link.

Do I have to re-apply to the university if I withdraw indefinitely (or take a leave of absence)?

  • If you are withdrawing in your VERY FIRST term at Ohio State and did NOT PAY for the term, AND wish to attend Ohio State during the next term, you should contact Undergraduate Admissions about the process for updating your application.
  • If you are withdrawing for any term but your VERY FIRST term (paid or not) OR if you are withdrawing for your VERY FIRST TERM and PAID for your first term, you do not need to contact the Office of Admissions when you are ready to return; instead you will need to contact your college, which will return you from your leave of absence.

What are the steps to return?

  • You should contact the college you were enrolled in when you left OR contact the college that offers the program you are interested in pursuing if you have decided to change your major. Each college is responsible for returning a student from a leave of absence, as long as the student has not been dismissed from the university (or dismissed from a program) and is eligible to enroll in the unit's program.
  • Contact the Buckeye Link to discuss financial aid and/or fee matters.
  • If you plan to live on-campus, you should contact University Housing.
  • If you plan on living off-campus, you should contact the Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement office for additional information.
  • If you took course-work at another institution(s), be sure to send each transcript to Undergraduate Admissions.
  • If you were dismissed from the university you will have to petition for reinstatement with either the college you were enrolled in or with the college you are interested in. If you were dismissed from a regional campus you need to contact an advisor from that regional campus to talk about the petition process.