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As the university continues to roll out guidance on COVID-19, you may be wondering how this will affect you right now.

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Undergraduate Advising at The Ohio State University

Advising is critical to academic success at Ohio State. Often serving as the main point of contact between students and the university, advisors help create academic plans that meet your educational and career goals. We're here to guide you through the university while connecting you to appropriate resources that help keep you on track along the way.

Advising News

Max Gulick was Featured

Newark campus Advisor Max Gulick's story was included in the Chief Information Officer's March 2019 Digital Digest and on the Digital Flagship Website!

Max uses the Discover App course planner to help his students create academic journeys that adapt to their goals and needs. Read the full article by clicking below.

Advisor Creates Flexible Degree Plans With Discover App
Congratulations Sarah Howard!

Sarah was awarded a certficiate of merit for the National Academic Advising Association for the 2018 Outstanding Advising Award, Primary Advising Role.

This award recognizes effective advising qualities and practices that distinguish the recipient as an outstanding academic advisor including, but not necessarily limited to, strong interpersonal skills, evidence of student success, caring attitude, monitoring of student progress, mastery of institutional policies, ability to engage in developmental advising, participation in and support of advisor development programs, perception by colleagues and institutional recognition.

NACADA 2018 Award Winners
Congratulations Amy Treboni!

Amy was awarded the 2018 National Academic Advising Association's Outstanding Administrator Award!

This award recognizes effective practices that distinguish the recipient as an outstanding advising administrator, including, but not limited to administering an academic advising program that supports NACADA's core values; evidence that the program reflects the standards of good practice; participation in initiatives related to the efficacy of academic advising; promotion of advising grounded in sound theory, research, and educational practice; and evidence of departmental development, including successful initiatives or enhancements.

NACADA 2018 Award Winners
The ACADAOS Professional Development Program is recognized for excellence

The professional development program run by advisors' professional advising organization, Academic Advising at Ohio State (ACADAOS), has been recognized for its efforts to promote continued learning and skills building among the the university's advising community.

These awards recognize programs that document innovative and/or exemplary practices that have resulted in the improvement of their academic advising services. These programs represent: creativity, relevancy, commitment to advising, positive impacts, and transferability of the program to a wide variety of institutions.

NACADA 2018 Award Winners
Sarah Howard is an Emerging Leader

The NACADA Emerging Leaders program encourages members from diverse groups to become involved in leadership opportunities within the organization. The program is designed to outfit participants with the skills and tools necessary to pursue elected and appointed leadership positions, to increase the number of leaders from diverse groups and to encourage and assist members of underrepresented populations to attend State, Regional, or Annual Conferences. Mentors will work closely with Leaders to develop a plan for continued involvement and growth in the association.

Sarah has been selected as a mentor for the incoming class class of 2020!