Advisor Training Committement

Academic Advisor Training Program

The Office of Undergraduate Education (UE) offers an advisor training program through the Central Supprt for Academic Advising (CSAA) that provides both synchronous and asynchronous, live and virtual training topics that compliment college/department training programs for all academic advisors. These sessions provide an introduction to advising at Ohio State for new advisors as well as experiences for advisors who wish to participate in professional development opportunities.

Our goal is to increase collaboration and the exchange of information between advisors and campus partners. A special thank you goes out to all of our campus colleagues who continue to support this training program by providing content and presenting, in-person, to our advising community. Your exceptional commitment is truly valued.

Our Commitment

A few important items about our commitment to creating an extraordinary experience for both new and experienced advisors:

  • We do not have a separate track for new and experienced advisors. All of our experiences are intentionally designed to accommodate both, offering sessions where the new advisors can benefit from the real student experiences that established advisors offer during our demonstrations, discussions, and Q&A time. This allows us to provide updated training for experienced advisors and include time for new and experienced advisors to participate in mentoring activities.
  • To support the professional development program managed by ACADAOS, we are committed to intentionally creating opportunities for an advisor to gain skills (e.g., facilitating, presentation, etc.) that support their professional development plan.
  • We are committed to using innovative methods (e.g., flipped models, online activities, streamed sessions, etc.).
  • Each experience will have learning objectives and may include assessments for knowledge and skill mastery.
  • As a result of our Quality Initiative project the Central Support for Academic Advising Team is designing an annual exam (self-assessed) for advisors to assess knowledge and skill.
  • We are committed to performing program evaluations to ensure we are meeting the needs of both the advising community and our campus colleagues.
  • Each year, advising annual update meetings are hosted by our advising commmunity on a variety of topics in order to collaborate, share practices, and get to know each other better.
  • Advisors are encouraged to contact with suggestions for trainings or experiences they would like to see offered to benefit their colleagues and students.