Coronavirus Advising Guidance

The university has returned to in-person instruction for autumn 2020

As you know, Ohio State University resumed limited face-to-face instruction for some lectures, discussion sections, seminars and other similar classroom settings. Course sizes are remaining small to allow for social distancing (classes of less than 50).

The university's decisions about autumn 2020 will be made and announced as more information becomes available in combination with infromation provided through testing data and best practices outlined by experts. This page will be updated to answers to some of students' most immediate concerns.

Information about post-pandemic planning that is happening right now

Questions you may be asking right now

While campuses continue to remain open, students are required to wear masks and maintain appropriate social distancing both inside and outside of campus buildings. The university is using the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes website ( to inform students and staff of expectations while on campus. One step is the requirement that students report their temperature and any coronavirus exposure or symptoms if they intend to be on campus. This can be done in the Ohio State mobile app; students who do not receive a green check-mark are not allowed on campus. In addition, the city of Columbus and many surrounding cities in Central Ohio are requiring the use of face-masks indoors and large gatherings of more than 10 people have been indefinitely suspended by the state of Ohio. It is important that we take this order seriously to stop control the rate of the spread of COVID-19.

As before, if you are experiencing a fever or a cough, please call or email to cancel or reschedule your appointments (some appointments may be able to be converted to phone or remote appointments as well). Click the link for the CDC recommendations for preventing the spread of this illness. Thank you!

Each department at the university has evaluated which courses need to be taught in-person in order for students to have the best engagement with the material, and which courses can be moved online or to hybrid instruction.

Right now we expect instructors will communicate with you clearly about expectations about participation and attendance, how to access the materials, due dates, grade scales, and accommodations. If you find that you are confused about something in the course, or need the information to be provided in a way that is more accessible or more accommodating of your data usage, learning technology availability, or child-care/work changes, please reach out to the instructor first.

Instructors are expected to provide regular updates to students. Should an issue arise, we encourage you to contact the instructor directly through email (and/or through Carmen or OnCourse) and allow a minimum of 2 business days for a response before following up again. If you still don't get a response from the instructor, you can consider escalating your concerns to chair of the department that offers the course.

At this time, the university will not be extending the PA/NP exceptions that were in place in Spring 2020 to any other term of remote learning. The Ohio Department of Higher Education has ordered universities to accept PA/NP coursework completed at other Ohio public institutions during Summer 2020.

Spring and Summer in-person commencement celebrations have not been rescheduled at this time.

If you are receiving accommodations through the Student Life Office of Disability Services, please call or email them to discuss how those services will be managed for online or hybrid coursework.

Autumn semester courses will begin on August 25th. The university has eliminated autumn break in October and students will be expected to attend courses on November 25th.

Beginning November 30 and through the end of exams on December 11 instruction will return to online. The university has not announced any plans related to Spring 2021.

Advisors and advising units are still meeting with their students remotely, using either CarmenZoom or phone. Please sign into OnCourse or reach out to your advising unit to confirm the mode of delivery for your appointment. If you have a phone appointment scheduled, please confirm whether the advisor will call you, or whether you must call the advisor (as well as what number to use to reach them). It is a good idea to check that your the phone number in your Buckeye Link account is still the best number to use to contact you, and to let your advisor know if you prefer to be contacted at another number.

Advisors who offer Zoom appointments will provide you with a link to click for the appointment. Please check your email for this link. If you do not have one, please also check your Spam or Junk Mail folders.

As a reminder, all students have access to Zoom through Carmen. Please log in to activate your Zoom account prior to the start of your advising appointment.

All students can contact their advising units to schedule an advising appointment.

Students whose advising units use OnCourse for scheduling may log into OnCourse. Most advising units will have an appointment reason called "Phone/Remote Appointment" that students can select. When selecting this option, please put the topic you want to discuss during your meeting in the comments section before you confirm your appointment.

  • If your unit does not offer that appointment reason, please put the request for a phone or remote appointment in the Comments section of the appointment along with your preferred phone number.
  • Please be sure to read your advisor's additional details for the appointment in the Appointment Details before you confirm your appointment.

We are encouraging advising units to accept online submissions for forms. Please contact your advisor to find out how they prefer to have you submit your documents. You can find your assigned advisor's contact information by clicking on:

  • the "details" link below their name in the right column of your My Buckeye Link, then click on the advisor's hyperlinked name
  • the envelope icon below their name in the right column of your OnCourse account

We want you to feel safe. If the courses you need to take in autumn have online sections available, you can choose to create an autumn schedule of only online courses. If you are not a new student, you can change your schedule in your My Buckeye Link account until 8/28/2020. New students will need to request an advisor to change their schedules.

To find online courses in the schedule of classes, click the green arrow beside "Additional Search Criteria" and then select Distance Learning from the "Mode of Instruction" drop down menu.

International students who have questions about their F-1 or J-1 visa status requirements should contact the Office of International Affairs with questions.

We know some of you will consider taking time away from the university. In general, we encourage you to consider whether it will be easy for you to return to school after a break. Typically, students who take a break from school are the least likely to return.

However, sometimes a break is the best decision for you or your family. If you decide that a break is right for you, continuing students can drop their autumn courses in their My Buckeye Link account; new students will need to contact an advisor. You should also contact if you signed a housing contract and if you were issued an iPad. International students should contact OIA with questions (

If you hope to return for spring semester, please contact your advisor in early October to arrange a scheduling appointment; if you hope to return for summer or autumn, please contact your advisor in early February.

Group mentoring

Individual mentoring

Is tutoring still available? Where can I sit to take my online class?

Many buildings are reopening for instruction and other services. However, tutoring services largely remain online, though some are offering in-person options. See the latest updates below.

Students should plan to log into online classes from home. In cases where students have back-to-back online and in-person classes and do not have time to travel in-between, there are some drop-in spaces available. See link for more information including locations.

Study Smarter with Academic Coaching

Online appointments for academic coaching from the Dennis Learning Center are available. The coaches will not provide tutoring for specific courses, but can help you strengthen specific skills such as taking notes, preparing for exams, organization, and time management.

Schedule an appointment

Commonly used tutoring services

Residence Life is offering all Ohio State Columbus campus students free online peer tutoring appointments in math, chemistry, and physics. Our 20 peer tutors have one hour appointments available during the day and evening Sunday-Friday. You must schedule your appointment at least 12 hours in advance but you can make as many appointments as you would like a week ahead of the current date. We are also providing tutoring in math, chemistry, and physics in the Mandarin language. Visit our webpage to make your appointment and for more details at

Accounting tutoring is available starting Aug 31. You can also find this information on your Carmen page for the course, including the passcodes.

All times are Eastern Time Zone.

ACCTMIS 2000: open MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

ACCTMIS 2200: open MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

ACCTMIS 2300: open MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Stay tuned for information about the Writing Center's services for Autumn term--we'll be opening right after the Labor Day holiday weekend!

Peer tutoring for SOCIOL 3549 will not be available for AU20. The department anticipates being able to offer again in SP21.

The Economics Learning Center will be open Sept 1 - Dec 11. In-person tutoring is available M-F from 10:00am-1:30pm through Nov 25. Online tutoring is available M-F from 9:00am-5:00pm. See the link for additional details including location and Zoom links.

The General Chemistry Learning Resource Center will be holding office hours using CarmenZoom. Teaching assistants will be in the room mostly on M-R from 8 AM 9 PM, Friday from 8 AM 5 PM and Saturday & Sunday from 10 AM 6 PM. See your Carmen page for the most current information regarding days/times. The CarmenZoom links are as follows:

CHEM 1110:

CHEM 1210 Lecture/Recitation:

CHEM 1210 Lab:

CHEM 1220:

If students are in CHEM 1250, CHEM 1610 or CHEM 1910H, each TA is scheduling their office hours through CarmenZoom and will notify their students directly.

MSLC services are now online.

ODI will be providing remote tutoring/supplemental instruction to students registered in ODI Scholars program. ODI Scholars can refer to their ODI Tutoring Program Carmen page for more information.

The Physics tutor rooms in Smith Lab are closed through Autumn 2020. Res Life tutoring offers Physics tutoring for all students.

The Psychology 2220 Learning Lab will be closed for in-person services for Autumn 2020. Visit the Psychology 2220 Learning Lab webpage for information on weekly review/recap sessions.

ATI students desiring tutoring should email Penny Nemitz ( and explain your particular need and she will connect you to the appropriate tutor.

The Lima Campus Learning Center is available virtually and in-person during Fall semester 2020. Call 547-242-7310 or email Julie Paxton at or Tim Cheeseman at

Virtual tutoring appointments are available during Autumn 2020. Information on online tutoring can be found

The Marion Academic Success Center will offer drop-in virtual tutoring hours for Autumn 2020. Please see the Marion Academic Success Center website for more details.


Schedule an appointment for a live session during Autumn 2020. Indicate your availability on the following form:

Other Academic Resources

Students who are worried about not being able to use the tools the instructor wants them to use for virtual learning should keep in mind that YouTube is full of helpful tutorials, and that Google can help them answer many how-to questions. In addition, for many Digital Flagship apps, there are tutorials and virtual drop-ins available:

Are you ready for online learning? The online learning readiness assessment will provide students insights and email them with a list of resources (please select Current OSU Student taking online courses for the first question for best results)

The Dennis Learning Center also has Graduate Student Communities for grad/prof students to join to stay accountable and productive:

Consider using for supplemental instruction on topics related to a variety of subjects.

Do you have other needs beyond academics?

If you are looking for services for students with material support needs, here are lists of services. We recognize that these lists will overlap service listings.

For students living further away, a simple Googe search for "county, state community services" will yield similar types of results.

Please understand that we have not had time to research these services. We did make attempts to provide services lists that are maintained by state or local agencies, or by reputable private agencies. However, responsibility will fall to you, the student, to find out how to access the service. This will likely require contacting the service, providing some limited information about yourself and your need, and it may take some time to receive the assistance or referral you need. Please be patient and resilient.