Coronavirus Advising Guidance

Welcome Back Buckeyes!

The university has and will always base decisions on evidence-based public health guidance, in partnership with our state and local partners, and the state of the pandemic. As vaccination rates continue to increase and other health measures remain effective, the university expects to return to more of a traditional Ohio State experience with more in-person experiences that bring the university community together. As always, this guidance is subject to change as the circumstances change, and we will provide updated information at the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes page.

Questions you may be asking right now

While campuses continue to remain open, health guidance and policies governing student behavior (found at prevents students who have not complied with the university's vaccination requirements from being on campus during spring semester.

If you are experiencing a fever or a cough, please call or email to cancel or reschedule your appointments (some appointments may be able to be converted to phone or remote appointments as well). Click the link for the CDC recommendations for preventing the spread of this illness. Thank you!

The majority of classes are designated to be taught in person. With a combination of vaccination, testing and other health measures in place, more students can be together in classrooms.

Right now we expect instructors will communicate with you clearly about expectations about participation and attendance, how to access the materials, due dates, grade scales, and accommodations. If you find that you are confused about something in the course, or need the information to be provided in a way that is more accessible or more accommodating of your data usage, learning technology availability, or child-care/work changes, please reach out to the instructor first.

Instructors are expected to provide regular updates to students. Should an issue arise, we encourage you to contact the instructor directly through email (and/or through Carmen or OnCourse) and allow a minimum of 2 business days for a response before following up again. If you still don't get a response from the instructor, you can consider escalating your concerns to chair of the department that offers the course.

If you are receiving accommodations through the Student Life Office of Disability Services, please call or email them to discuss how those services will be managed for online or hybrid coursework.

In anticipation of high vaccination rates, the university is planning for a more traditional academic calendar. Ohio State's academic calendar for the '21-'22 academic year reinstitutes a fall break (Oct. 14-15) and a week-long spring break (March 14-18), with plans to return to our campuses after Thanksgiving break (Nov. 24-26) to complete fall semester.

Advisors and advising units are still meeting with their students in mostly remote formats, using either CarmenZoom or phone. Most advising units will also be offering limited in-person appointments to students who have completed the university's vaccination requirement.

Please read all information in the OnCourse scheduler for information about the appointment mode and how to advising services during your appointment time. It is a good idea to make that the phone number in your Buckeye Link account is still the best number to use to contact you. Advisors who offer Zoom appointments will provide you with a link to click for the appointment. Please check your email for this link. If you do not have one, please also check your Spam or Junk Mail folders.

As a reminder, all students have access to Zoom through Carmen. Please log-in to activate your Zoom account prior to the start of your advising appointment.

Students who have not completed the university's vaccination requirement (or been granted an exception) are required to schedule a virtual appointment. If you are permitted to schedule an in-person appointment and are feeling unwell then you should also select a virtual appointment.

You should carefully read your advisor's information in OnCourse and in the confirmation email to know what expectations they have for in-person and virtual advising appointments.

Students are expected to follow all Safe and Heatlhy Buckeyes guidelines. Even when university guidance does not require it, you may be invited to wear a mask for your own comfort and safety during in-person appointments. You can expect many advisors to continue masking during in-person advising appointments. As a courtesy to our in-person staff, we also encourage you to leave as much distance as possible in the office, and to wash or sanitize your hands before entering their workspace.

You should carefully read your advisor's information in OnCourse and in the confirmation email to know what expectations they have for in-person and virtual advising appointments.

All currently enrollled students can contact their advising units to schedule an advising appointment.

Students whose advising units use OnCourse for scheduling may log into OnCourse. When selecting this option, please put a note about what you want to discuss during your meeting in the comments section before you confirm your appointment.

  • Please be sure to read your advisor's additional details for the appointment in the Appointment Details before you confirm your appointment.

We are encouraging advising units to accept online submissions for forms. Please contact your advisor to find out how they prefer to have you submit your documents. You can find your assigned advisor's contact information by clicking on:

  • the "details" link below their name in the right column of your My Buckeye Link, then click on the advisor's hyperlinked name
  • the envelope icon below their name in the right column of your OnCourse account

It is the goal of The Ohio State University to return to majority in-person, residential instruction for the 2021-2022 academic year. Students who have not yet completed the university's vaccination requirement for spring semester 2022 or been granted an exepmtion will be required to register for online (distance learning) courses only.

We know that some students will be unable to register for as many courses as they want in their preferred instruction mode. If you need or want a schedule with more courses in a specific teaching mode, you may need to select different courses or adjust your course load. Please note that this could exclude courses that are part of a sequence, which would impact overall time to degree.

International students who have questions about their F-1 or J-1 visa status requirements should contact the Office of International Affairs with questions.

We know some of you will consider taking time away from the university. In general, we encourage you to consider whether it will be easy for you to return to school after a break. Typically, students who take a break from school are the least likely to return.

However, sometimes a break is the best decision for you or your family. If you decide that a break is right for you, simply do not enroll in spring 2022 courses and the Office of the University Registrar will put your account on a leave of absence after the 15th day of spring semester. To withdraw from courses during the semester, you will need to contact an advisor. You should also contact if you signed a housing contract and if you were issued an iPad. International students should contact OIA with questions (

If you hope to return for a future semester, please contact your advisor in early October (for Autumn) or February (for Summer or Spring) to arrange a scheduling appointment.

The university intends to continue to use the standard grading scheme for current courses. This means that the grade scheme listed for courses listed in the Schedule of Classes will be what is used when grades are assigned at the end of the term.

Where can I sit to take my online class?

Many buildings are reopening for instruction and other services. Therefore, there are fewer spaces available for students to sit during online courses. As much as possible, students should plan to log into online classes from their home or dorm. In cases where students have back-to-back online and in-person classes and do not have time to travel in-between, there are some drop-in spaces available. See link for more information including locations.

Please note that fewer drop-in spaces are available than previously due to increased use of classroom spaces for instruction. However, ODEE does have a list of technology enabled informal learning spaces at

Are you ready for online learning?

The online learning readiness assessment will provide students insights and email them with a list of resources (please select Current OSU Student taking online courses for the first question for best results)

Online Student Readiness Assessment

Do you have other needs beyond academics?

If you are looking for services for students with material support needs, here are lists of services. We recognize that these lists will overlap service listings.

For students living further away, a simple internet search for "county, state community services" will yield similar types of results.

Please understand that we have not had time to research these services. We did make attempts to provide lists that are maintained by state or local agencies, or by reputable private agencies. However, responsibility will fall to you, the student, to find out how to access the service. This will likely require contacting the service, providing some limited information about yourself and your need, and it may take some time to receive the assistance or referral you need. Please be patient and resilient.

Request help finding resources