Drop for Non-Payment

Drop for Non-Payment

The Drop for non-payment (often referred to the DNP process), is a process completed near the end of each term by the University Registrar, for students who owe money to the university for the current term.

Excluded Students

Certain students are automatically excluded from the DNP process due to a variety of reasons. For example, certain types of veteran students will not be dropped for non-payment since they rely on a third party payment. Excluded students are informed about not being dropped and that they are responsible for paying ALL outstanding charges if something falls through with the payment that is in process.

DNP Process and Advisor's Role

Prior to the drop for non-payment process, students who have outstanding balances on their accounts receive multiple email notifications from the university encouraging them to pay their balances and warning them they risk being dropped for non-payment. Colleges are given lists, and some also send communications to their students, so students have ample time and repeated notices to take care of business.

The drop for non-payment process runs for students who have an outstanding balance (this includes not being paid for the current term and other fees they might owe from previous terms). A detailed explanation can be found here DNPSummaryFinalAdvisors.

Students may send panicked e-mails to their advisor or schedule appointments to address concerns. Advisors should send students to the Buckeye Link office and tell students that they must demonstrate they can pay before courses are re-added (Regional campus advisors complete paperwork and send it to Buckeye Link, instead of sending the student to the Columbus campus).

Students, who were dropped for non-payment in their very first term at Ohio State, will have their admission revoked; which means you will not find a CPP stack for them in the SIS and if you entered notes in OnCourse, you won't see them either (they won't be deleted if the student pays and is reinstated all will appear again). You will, however, be able to view the Student Services Center (Student) in SIS.

Re-Enrollment Process and Advisor's Role

The re-enrollment process is described here Drop-for-Non-Payment-and-Re-enrollment-FAQs-for-students.

There will be a ONE WEEK grace period during which students will not receive a re-enrollment fee of $300. Beginning the fourth week, students who wish to re-enroll will be assessed a $300 re-enrollment fee in addition to the $300 late payment fee.
Your role typically happens after students are enrolled into their courses; advisors should not be adding students back into courses. OUR is required to add ALL of the classes back that were dropped; students cannot pick and choose which classes they want added back.However, once courses are added back a student can go online until 11:59PM of the fourth Friday of the current semester term (second Friday of a session and first Friday of a May Session) and drop courses themselves, or talk with an advisor about dropping courses or adding different courses should the original courses not be available.

Students may petition not to be dropped for non-payment a second time. Please send them to the Buckeye Link office to initiate this request. Notification of results happen usually within 24-48 hours via email. If the petition is denied, students may appeal to the Registrar's Appellate Committee. The document titled DNPSummaryFinalAdvisors listed above will provide you more details.

DNP and Carmen

Students dropped from their classes for non-payment at the start of the third week will continue to have access to their current-term courses in Carmen for the rest of the third week. After that, they will also be dropped from their classes in Carmen. This grace period coincides with the previously mentioned grace period described in the re-enrollment process, after the drop for non-payment, for students to pay the amount of their balance due and re-enroll in classes without being assessed a $300 re-enrollment fee. Instructors can manually re-add to Carmen students who have been dropped, but the students will not remain enrolled. These manually re-added students will be dropped again during each overnight process when Carmen enrollments are synced with the Student Information System (SIS). The Carmen Help site has information for how to manually re-adding students who have been dropped if the instructor wishes to continue to allow them course access in Carmen. Students who pay their fees and are re-enrolled, or who are otherwise re-enrolled, will be re-added to Carmen during the overnight update.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Follow standard protocol and that would be to file a retro-active petition to back-date to the last date of attendance.


Students enrolled in T.O.P.P must make their first payment to avoid being dropped.

It depends and changes each term. If the student is concerned send them to the SSC.

The second time a student is dropped for non-payment, their request to get back into classes is thoroughly reviewed by an SSC staff member and often are asked to come in to talk one-on-one about their situation.