Get a Course Evaluated

Get a Course Evaluated

Do you have a course that you think might count toward a degree requirement (such as a GE or a major or minor course)?

If the answer to this question is yes, then you have some work to do before meeting with your advisor(s). Email your advisor to learn if there are specific instructions for getting the course evaluated. Although the process will vary, you will probably need to get a syllabus for each course you want reviewed and bring them to your appointment, unless your advisor tells you they can use a course description instead.

Sometimes getting your credit evaluated is a two-step process

You may need to get your credit evaluated by the Ohio State department that offers a similar course, first. If you are told to do this, you should contact the transfer credit coordinator for that department and ask how to prepare for the evaluation. For a math course, visit the Math Counseling Office for instructions; they are very specific, and you will be required to meet with the math counselors before you meet with your academic advisor. Some advising offices might not send you to the department for an official evaluation; it depends on their process and what type of course or requirement you are asking about.

If you want a course to count for a degree requirement, think about why you believe a that course meets the spirit of the requirement. For example, if you have a Film course that you believe meets the Visual and Performing Arts GE category, you may have to explain the reason for your request.

After the review, your academic advisor will discuss using that credit toward your degree program.

Education Abroad

If you are planning an education abroad experience, it is a good idea to make sure the course-work you plan take has been evaluated before you leave.

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