An Ohio State student must meet with their academic advisor well in advance of the term they would like to participate. The student and advisor complete an HECC Study Plan.

This document confirms what course will be taken at the host institution and how it will be used in the student's program of study at Ohio State. Signatures of the student, academic advisor, and the college secretary are required on the Study Plan. Students are advised to review course offerings and time slots before meeting with an advisor.

The student contacts the Office of the University Registrar at (614) 292-9330 to make an HECC registration appointment with an H.E.C.C. Coordinator. The student appointment is scheduled during the applicable HECC registration time frame posted in this guide and on this web site (no exceptions to this time frame will be permitted). The student must bring their approved HECC Study Plan and ID to the registration appointment. The H.E.C.C. Coordinator will confirm the student's eligibility for cross-registration. The student must be at a paid, full-time status at Ohio State for the term in question. The Registration Counselor will confirm that space is available in the course. If the student is eligible and space remains open in the class, the student will complete an HECC registration form with the coordinator. All cross-registration must be done in person at Ohio State and the host school; telephone approval is not possible.

The student must take the registration form directly to the Registrar's Office at the host school to finalize registration and pay any miscellaneous course fees. Students are not fully registered until they have completed registration processing at the host institution. As it is the host school's prerogative to accept cross-registrants, retroactive HECC cross-registration after the host school's registration period has closed is not permitted under any circumstances.

The Study Plan