Interpersonal Skills Training Module

Interpersonal Skills Training Module

Interpersonal skills are fundamental to an academic advisors work with students; therefore, our training program includes a comprehensive module for these skills.

We strongly encourage advisors to complete all components and those who do will receive a certificate of completion. To receive this you will need to complete an online post-assessment that will be emailed to you and include a four-digit code you will need to create and use for ALL assessments.

Module Components

Components are listed in the order you should complete them, unless you've already attended sessions that have existed for some time (i.e., Self-Reflection and Active Listening, REACH, and Dealing with Disruptive and Disturbed Students). We provide you enough opportunities to complete the module within 6-12 months.

Intended Audience
Full-time academic advisors and staff with advising-related responsibilities.This session expects participation by providing thoughts and feedback about the exercises.

Motivational Interviewing is a collaborative approach to conversation that strengthens a person's own motivation and commitment to change. By utilizing this approach, professionals in higher education can facilitate student motivation for and movement toward self-identified goals by eliciting and exploring individual reasons for change within an atmosphere of acceptance and compassion. Motivational Interviewing is a core skill utilized by the Wellness Coaching staff to encourage self-directed change in students. In this highly interactive session, you will practice the core skills of Motivational Interviewing and consider applications for this skillset in your work as an advisor.

Learning Outcomes

  • conceptualize the formation of learning partnerships with students,
  • succinctly describe the theory and process of Motivational Interviewing, and
  • apply Motivational Interviewing skills to help facilitate change in advisees

Personal reflection

Interactive lecture, experiential activities, group discussion

Joseph Doherty, PC, Certified Wellness Counselor and a Meditation Instructor - Student Wellness Center

Session Length
1.5 hours

September and January.

This particular session aligns with the following aspects of advisor training and development.

Purpose of Session

Essential Advising Skill(s)
Listen to students and respond respectfully and courteously

The Office of Undergraduate Education supports this effort by intentionally scheduling sessions twice a year (May and December) for academic advisors. Attending this is required if you would like to complete the Interpersonal Skills module.

Presentation and discussion of behavioral presentations, recommended actions, safety precautions, legal and student judicial code options and effective referral. This is a two-hour session presented by OSU Public Safety, Student Conduct and Counseling and Consultation Service.

Typical Offering Pattern
March and October

The Office of Undergraduate Education supports REACH by intentionally scheduling sessions twice a year (March or April and December) for academic advisors. Attending this is required if you would like to complete the Interpersonal Skills module.

REACH is the OSU Suicide Prevention Training Program designed to help the OSU community prevent suicide by teaching faculty, staff and students how to:

  • Recognize warning signs
  • Engage with empathy
  • Ask directly about suicide
  • Communicate hope
  • Help suicidal individuals to access care and treatment

Typical Offering Pattern
December and May