Military Experience / Transfer Credit


As a part of House Bill 488 (which also mandated priority registration for student veterans), the state of Ohio implemented an initiative to give student veterans with specific training/occupations equivalent credit at each of the public institutions. The goal is to provide this credit for the 50 most common military occupations seen in the state of Ohio. All approved MTAGs will be posted here:

The first MTAG that had a positive impact on OSU students was the Nuclear Power School, Enlisted, Version 2. This provided credit for Physics 1200-1201.

Amanda Patterson and the Transfer Credit Center will work together to make sure that as the MTAGs are updated, incoming student veterans and current student veterans receive the appropriate equivalent credit.

Community College of the Air Force

The Air Force has their own regionally accredited community college. Student veterans who serve in the Air Force earn college level credit for their military training and occupation. This transcript is evaluated like any other regionally accredited community college. Transcripts can be requested here:

Joint Services Transcript

Military service members who have served in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard have access to the Joint Services Transcript. The JST documents all of their training and occupation. If students would like to have this transcript evaluated for OSU credit, a student may request that an official copy be sent electronically to OSU.

Transcript Request

ACE Military Guide

This tool allows anyone to input a military training/course or occupation from the JST: The output/result is a course description and recommended course credit, if any. The ACE evaluations are made by groups of professors from accredited universities around the US. These evaluations go back into the 1950s, so you can evaluate most any veteran's record. The recommended credit is often subject to the student's military rank and the date in which the training took place or the time period in which the occupation occurred.

The Office of the University Registrar changed their military transfer credit process for summer 2012 and beyonddue to a state mandate. OUR now gives more credit (gen, spec, tech, etc.) instead of just all deferred coursework, and they now give credit for the military occupation specialties on the JST. Due to the timing, there are some student veterans on campus with all deferred and some with actual credit.

If you have additional questions, please contact the transfer credit center or Amanda Patterson with questions. Brad works very closely with the TCC regarding military credit. Please refer to the TCC on call contact list: