Multicultural Competency and Advisors Training Session

Multicultural Competency and Advisors Training Session

We live in a multicultural world that requires we change our practices to become practitioners who connect with holistic and intersectional students with which we work. Part of connecting with that wholeness means acknowledging the pain of those who have been hurt or marginalized by society.

To be effective advisors and allies, student affairs personnel need to foreground their authentic selves, place students at the center of their work, and have unconditional positive regards for students. In this presentation we will share tools and pro-grams we have developed to help practitioners become more effective by engaging in multicultural practice.

Session Details

Intended Audience
Full-time academic advisors and staff with advising-related responsibilities.

Formal presentation with Q/A

Student Life Multicultural Center

Session Length

August and February

Aspects of Advisor Training and Development

This particular session aligns with the following aspects of advisor training and development.

Purpose of Session

Essential Advising Skill(s):

  • Listen to students and respond respectfully and courteously
  • Respond appropriately and adaptively to each student's needs
  • Be reasonably accessible and responsive
  • Understand and appreciate the value of diversity