Other Professional and Personal Development Opportunities

Professional Development and Personal Growth Opportunities

The work of Ohio State's undergraduate academic advising community is critical to supporting the academic success of our students, and ultimately, the success of the university. Advisors help students devise optimal academic plans, suited to each individual's goals in seeking an education. They guide students in their transitions into and out of the university and connect them to appropriate university resources, to help them stay on track along the way.

Consistent, high-quality advising can help students avoid stumbling blocks to success, no matter their starting point. Therefore, engagement in professional development and personal growth is both an expectation of the job of advisors and an ethical obligation of the advising profession. One of the advantages of working at a world-class university is the vareity of resouces available to staff. Many offices and organizations exist that provide educational and growth opportunties. Below are links to some commonly utilized early-development resources.

Professional Development Opportunities at Ohio State

Advisors engage in professional development to ensure that the information they utilize to inform student support activities are based on current research and promising practices. Professional development ensures that advisors can creatively problem solve the challenges facing their students and advising units, as well as to plan for their own career paths to ensure their own financial and professional wellbeing and to avoid burnout.

Academic Advising Association of The Ohio State University

The Academic Advising Association of Ohio State, otherwise known as ACADAOS, is an organization for advisors and run by advisors. We provide support and professional development opportunities for academic advisors at Ohio State. Browse to learn more

LinkedIn Learning License

As a member of the Ohio State Staff community, you can request full access to LinkedIn Learning resources. Click here for more information

Committee Membership

The University Staff Advisory Committee accepts applications on a regular basis. USAC isomprised of members from across the university and medical center to maintain an active and participatory line of communication with the university community and to provide a forum through which university staff can raise, discuss, and make recommendations to support the university's mission. Read more

The Committee for Undergraduate Advising (CUA) is convened by the Central Support for Academic Advising team several times throughout the year. The committee's purpose is to help raise the concerns of advisors to advising and Undergraduate Eduation leadership as well as to evaluate and provide feedback on major advising initiatives. Membership in this committee rotates approximately every two years. For more information contact advising@osu.edu.

The Chronicle

Ohio State has a site license to The Chronicle of Higher Education. Our institution's site license allows unlimited digital access to chronicle.com. An additional benefit available to site license users is access to free editions of reports. Simply sign in to chronicle.com, click on the blue user icon on the top right of any page and select Account Benefits in the dropdown to access all the free reports available to you. Sign up for free newsletters on various topics, like teaching, innovation, diversity, and more and read a limited number of free articles each month, including news, opinion, and advice posted daily.


With our Navigate membership for OnCourse, Ohio State staff is also entitled to a free membership at EAB.com. This resource gives you access to data-informed and real-world-tested strategies for increasing your impact with students, as well as insights into how OnCourse can be leveraged to support student success. Sign up for newsletters, or pop in when you're free.


Ohio State maintains an institutional membership with the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity, a development resource supporting academics in their career development.

Personal Growth Opportunities at Ohio State

Professional demands, challenging workplace climates, and exposure to trauma warrant that advisors maintain personal and professional health, safety, and integrity. Advisors should ensure that they are cultivating personal growth and both engaging in and promoting self-care for personal challenges as well.

Free New York Times subscriptions through USG

The Ohio State University Undergraduate Student Government is offering all students, faculty and staff FREE access to the New York Times for one year. Learn more and activate your subscription. Search for and select Ohio State University-Columbus, OH and log in using your Ohio State credentials. Create an account and register, sign up and enjoy access. Read more

Library Services

Ohio State University Libraries provide access to a wide number of journals, books, and databases. Some highlights include:

  • Kanopy - a video library with documentaries, artistic films, and movies
  • Interlibrary loans - staff can request items that the Ohio State Libraries system does not own but other library systems in the state of Ohio do
  • Academic Journals - Staff have access to a wide range of academic journals including the Chronicle of Higher Education

Diversity Training

The Ohio State University is committed to building and maintaining a diverse community to reflect human diversity and improve opportunities for all. Any community member can report bias incidents at: https://equity.osu.edu/ (other compliance concerns can be reported to the Office of University Compliance and Integrity).

Understanding others, the university's policies, and growing your skills to support the work of making the university a welcoming and inclusive environment are critical skills for academic advisors.

Universal design is good design. Accessibility is usability for people with disabilities. It includes making digital information and services such as documents, websites and web applications, mobile and desktop applications, and audio/video files usable to the widest audience as possible. It also includes practices that take everyone's needs into account and creates a culture where everyone feels valued.

Personal Wellness

Visit the Wellness Resource Center

Resources for you and your family to take advantage of during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to alleviate anxiety, stay connected and manage your well-being across all dimensions of wellness. Click Here to Browse

The Wellness App

The Wellness app is designed to make it easy to choose the right resources and act. Use this tool to set goals, develop healthy habits and help someone you care about access the support they need. Click here to download

Webinars and group health coaching

OSU Health Plan wellness webinars and group health coaching are great ways to learn new skills and invest in your well-being. Offerings are free for benefits- eligible staff. Many group health coaching sessions run for several weeks in a row and include sessions on advanced running techniques, and building resilience and coping with uncertainty. You can register for these and other offerings here

Integrative Medicine Resources

Ohio State offers complementary resource guides and recordings: Access them here


During self-guided biofeedback sessions, you will work through web-based modules to learn about mindfulness based stress reduction and will utilize our HeartMath biomedical feedback technology. Utilizing your heart rhythm as well as several breathing techniques, you will engage in practical exercises to increase your wellness, decrease your stress levels, and increase your overall resilience. Access the modules

Lifestyle Spending Accounts

To support health and well-being, Ohio State offers eligible employees the option of using a Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA) to reimburse personal expenses related to health, fitness, family, emotional and social wellness.