Retroactive Course Dropping

Retroactive Course Drop

Enrollment deadlines can affect students in a number of ways: they may prohibit a student from adding or dropping classes without a petition; they may result in a mark (a W, for example, for a semester class the student drops after the fourth Friday; or they may result in some forfeiture of fees.

Students who have missed an enrollment deadline may decide toor may, if circumstances warrant, be advised topetition for an exception, a retroactive adjustment, with their enrollment unit. In such cases, you should follow the process for petitions in your enrollment unit.

Make sure you are familiar with the information below, especially if you make decisions on retroactive petitions.

  • Effective Winter Quarter 2012, the offices of the University Registrar and the University Bursar will actively enforce the following policy on retroactive changes to a student's academic records and/or financial account. Separation of Retroactive Academic and Financial Decisions for Previous Quarters/Semester.
  • If a request for a retroactive change to an academic record is for a current or immediately preceding term (2 if during an autumn term), the effective date for the academic record change will prompt a related re-assessment of the student's fees, and possibly financial aid, for that term.
  • If the request for a retroactive change to an academic record change request is for an enrollment term more than 1 previous to the current term (2 if during an autumn term), the change to the student's academic record will be processed separately from any financial adjustment to the student's account, with the presumption that no financial adjustment will be made to the student's account.
  • The college office retains the authority to make academic adjustments based on its assessment of the student's circumstances, and the process for submitting retroactive changes to the academic record will remain the same.
  • If there are extenuating circumstances, particularly out of the student's control, such that the college office feels a financial adjustment is warranted beyond the time limit, it can appeal for an exception to the policy. All appeals will require supporting documentation. The appeal is between the college office and the Registrar's Office; a student cannot directly appeal to the Registrar's Office without the involvement of the college office.

Document Details in OnCourse

There are people, other than advisors, who rely on your notes to make decisions. If someone has a question regarding a petition you processed, you are likely to be contacted, and if a note is documented, that call may not be necessary. You also will be able to recall details more easily, should someone have additional questions about the note you entered. Notes are always important, especially when a petition is involved.