I am struggling in a class

Struggling in a class?

The first thing you should do is talk to the instructor about your struggles. Together you should be able to find a solution.

If you both feel it is best to drop the course, be sure to review the drop deadlines and consequences.

If you already completed most of the work in the course and a situation beyond your control prevents you from being successful in the course, you may be able to take an incomplete in the course. This usually means that you will have until the sixth week of the next term to make up the rest of the work. The instructor will submit a grade of Incomplete with an alternate grade. Your grade will change to the alternate grade by the sixth week of the next term if you do not complete the work.

If you both feel that the best solution is to attempt to finish the course, you should look for on-campus support resources. You should also be review the deadline for dropping without petitioning, a deadline that may change depending on the course.

Having a hard time focusing on your coursework?

Advisors are always ready to listen and talk through what you are feeling. Begin a conversation with your advisor; they will be able to help you think through the best course of action and will make appropriate referrals.

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