Reports and Data for Advisors

Reports and Student Data

In 2016, focus groups conducted with full-time professional advisors from all campuses helped us better understand where we need to improve. As a result, the univeristy's Quality Initiative committed to improving access to information needed to guide and support students.

Data Reports, Utilization, and Systems

Central Support for Academic Advising continues to work with the Office of Enrollment Analysis and Reporting (OESAR) and other university committees and offices to collect data needs for advising and its assessment. Effective use of this data, however, requires access to systems, training and incorporation of effective advising practice.

The Course Availability Report meets an important operational data need within the advising community by providing advisors access to information in a single report that previously required multiple clicks in multiple SIS screens to find.

One such effort, the implementation of OnCourse provides advisors with additional data and tools to engage students proactively and keep engaged parties efficiently informed.

This Orientation Tile includes several links ot frequently used resources during Orientation. The document also includes information about using the Financial Responsibility Statement query.