Thank an Advisor

Thank an Advisor

Academic advisors are critical to supporting the academic success of students. Advisors are often the point of contact between the student and the rest of the university, providing a personalized experience for that benefits the student in ways that positively impact their lives for many years. Advisors help students create academic plans designed to meet the student's goals for their education and career. They guide students in their transitions into and out of the university and connect them to appropriate university resources, to help them stay on track along the way.

If you would like to take time to thank an advisor for their work, you can do so by submitting an online form. You can choose to remain anonymous to the recipient if you would like.

My advisor not only helps me choose my classes for the next term, but also gives me advice about college life and life in general. She is always a joy to see and she always goes out of her way to help me. Above all, she genuinely cares about her students and believes that they can succeed!

Read some of last year's submissions


Thank you so much for your support and guidance this past year! I really appreciate the encouragement you've provided me and the fact that you always see the best in me. I am so grateful that you are my advisor because not only are you my mentor, but I also view you as a friend. I can't wait for the next three years in this program. Thank you for taking a chance on me.


It was really great luck to have you as my advisor. Without you, I do not know how I can complete my study at the Ohio State. Although I expressed my gratitude before, I continue to feel extraordinarily blessed to have an empathetic and helpful advisor. After leaving OSU, I have started to realize how precious my experience there was. How angel-like people there were! I hope ... everything is working the best for you. Once again, many thanks for accompanying me in my undergraduate study. It has been memorable because of you.


My Advisor is one of the kindest people I have had the opportunity to work with. I am a challenge to say the least, and he has always been so supportive, patient, and helpful. I have worked with him for a number of years now and any time I have ever needed help with anything he has been right there. He has always pointed me in the right direction for what classes to take each Semester. I am very grateful to have him to work with.

Faculty & Staff

Thank you for all you do for the College! You are such an incredible force, so honest and direct, thoughtful, and inspiring. You do an outstanding job as an advisor, as a colleague, as an instructor, and as a role model. Your heart is huge, your dedication and drive is admirable, and your justice-oriented values are apparent. Thank you!


I want to thank you for all your help and patience with getting to graduation. You have always answered any questions and have helped point me in the right direction if there was something you couldn't answer. Through my life's transition I really appreciate the assistance I received and support. I never felt comfortable about talking about certain things, but listening to me and encouraging me to communicate with professors ... helped me get to where I am today. Thank you really isn't enough, but I hope you realize how many people you have touched by your genuine compassion and your love to assist students here at OSU. You really make a difference!! [Shortened]


[The advisor] was so helpful when my son was struggling with online classes in a difficult major during his first year, in the middle of a pandemic. She was able to offer suggestions and advice, and helped him find classes that would set him up for his new major, which is a much better fit for him. We can't thank her enough!


Thank you for your help and positive, bright energy! You always give me the right solution and hope.

What has advising done for you?

Most students see an advisor when you start to think about scheduling for next term. Some students may see advisors for questions about dropping a class, adding a minor, or changing a major. Did you know that advisor can do much more:

  • connect you resources on campus for support personal and academic success, and share information about scholarships, grants, or other school funding opportunities
  • link you with relevant student organizations or tell you about degree enrichment programs such as community service, study abroad, research/internships, living-learning programs and others!
  • challenge you to explore your interests and guide your exploration of major and career options in this (or closely related fields) as well as assist you with long term degree planning
  • strategize how to overcome obstacles to your academic success or personal wellness in addition to advocate for you if you need it
  • explain university rules and procedures and let you know which ones apply to you in certain situations, as well as which exceptions may be of benefit to you
Submit your own message of gratitude

Academic advisors want to see you! Contact them early and regularly. If an advisor has had a positive impact on your time at Ohio State, let them know. Your advisor will thank you for taking the time to do it :)

Thank an Advisor