Withdraw from Ohio State or Take a leave of Absence

Withdraw from Ohio State or Take a Leave of Absence

Before you withdraw from your courses or decide not to enroll for next term, please talk with your academic advisor. Your advisor will talk to you about time-to-degree and other considerations when deciding to withdraw.

Withdrawal requests beyond the posted deadline require a petition to be approved by your major department. Information about that process can found by clicking on the Withdrawal Petition button below.

For questions related to fees and financial aid as a result of withdrawing from classes or taking a leave of absence, please contact the Buckeye Link office. Please note that courses cannot be dropped for a date prior to the last date of your participation in the course.

Last day to drop and can't meet with your advisor?

Stressing out because you can't meet with your advisor to drop a course? Email your advisor about your situation. Since the date on your email will establish your intent to drop a class or withdraw from all classes before the deadline, your college may honor your request.

Do I have to re-apply to the university if I withdraw or take a leave of absence?

If classes have already started for the term, please do not just drop all your classes online! Please meet with your advisor to fill out a withdrawal form. This meeting will also let your advisor know when you want to return, so someone can plan to reach out to you at the right time.

If you are withdrawing from your VERY FIRST term at Ohio State and did not pay for the term, but you hope to attend Ohio State next term, you should contact Undergraduate Admissions about how to update your application. If you are withdrawing for any other term (paid or not) or if you are withdrawing for your very first term and have already paid for your first term, you will need to contact your advisor, who will help you submit a withdrawal form. If you have received student financial aid, please check with Buckeye Link, in the Student Academic Services Building, before you withdraw, to make sure you understand the consequences of a withdrawal.

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